• Cloudy and Raining

    Twannbachschlucht Gorge

    Many a time, overcast weather conditions can put off nature photographers including me, due to dull grey skies and uninteresting light. While that may be true when it comes to photographing vast landscapes, mountains, etc., I find it an ideal condition to photograph forests...

  • Winter landscape


  • Multiple exposure

    Surreal Woods

    Then the trees in the woods drew my attention. The trees were tall and their trunks formed vertical parallel lines. As opposed to this, the thin short branches growing outwards from the trunks were more or less horizontal. I wanted to capture and show the perpendicular lines – verticals formed by the trunks and horizontals by their own branches. But there was one difficulty...

  • Frogfish


    A white frog-fish lies patiently waiting to ambush any prey that wanders by...