Surreal Woods

On a mild overcast day, I was walking in the nearby woods looking for any interesting macro subjects without much success. Then the trees in the woods drew my attention. The trees were tall and their trunks formed vertical parallel lines. As opposed to this, the thin short branches growing outwards from the trunks were more or less horizontal. I wanted to capture and show the perpendicular lines – verticals formed by the trunks and horizontals by their own branches. But there was one difficulty. The trunks were thick and tall whereas the branches were thin and short. If I were to emphasize on the tall trunks (choosing relatively wider focal lengths), the branches would look too insignificant and be lost in the frame. And viceversa was true if I were to zoom in and emphasize on smaller horizontal branches.

Many modern DSLR cameras have a feature called ‘mutliple exposure’. Multiple exposures are like super imposing two or more frames onto a single frame. Due to this super-imposing the end-result is often a bit surreal and blurry when the scenes/views are different. Just for some fun, I decided to try some in-camera multiple exposures. Multiple exposures also meant that I could shoot and different focal lengths on same frame! I mounted my 70-300mm lens and set the camera to multiple exposure mode (with number of exposures = 3). The first of the three exposures was shot at around 70 mm and the following two were exposed close to 200 mm (this throws the weight towards the longer focal lengths – i.e. telephoto range) – image #1.
Later on while post-processing, I decided to converted it to black & white.

Image #1: One exposure zoomed out, super imposed (in-camera) with two exposures zoomed in

I also tried a few where the two of the three exposure were close to 70mm  range and one around 200mm – image #2


Image #2: Two exposures when zoomed out, super imposed (in-camera) with one exposures when zoomed in