Twannbachschlucht Gorge

Many a time, overcast weather conditions can put off nature photographers including me, due to dull grey skies and uninteresting light. While that may be true when it comes to photographing vast landscapes, mountains, etc., I find it an ideal condition to photograph forests. During and post rain, the small streams amidst woods are full of water and most importantly, the leaves on trees and bushes display a lush green colour. The moss growing on tree trunks and rocks only add to the ambiance.

A couple of months back I chose a rainy day to take a walk in the woods nearby, to photograph a small stream that flows into a lake. It was drizzling now and then when I walked through the woods. The shiny, moist leaves were looking at their best , swaying gently with the wind. Another advantage of going out on a rainy day is that you will have the woods pretty much to yourself.

The large cloud cover acts as a mega-large softbox, diffusing the sun evenly across the forest, thereby creating a beautiful soft spread of light. Not that the sun rays filtering through these beautiful trees are unwelcome, it is just that the overcast conditions too can offer some interesting possibilities to make images.

This small waterfall is in Twannbachschlucht – a small gorge in canton Biel, west Switzerland.

Photographing small subjects in nature such as insects, small flowers, snails, etc., is something that I love. Mushrooms are surely one of them. Late summer/autumn in Switzerland is mushroom season. The smell of wet wood and decaying leaves on forest floor mean one thing – time to go looking for mushrooms. Mushroom picking is a popular activity among the locals. For me, mushrooms are beautiful little subjects to photograph. These mushrooms were not so small though – measuring about palm size approximately.

Finally a monotone take on the forest…

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